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Successful Marketing: FREE GUIDE

5 Principles to have Successful Marketing

Unveil every core marketing philosophy we have within our company, beginning with the importance of a marketing plan. We want to offer you a few tips on how to assess where your marketing weaknesses lie and then integrate that information within a consistent plan that is comprehensive and executable.

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Creating A Marketing  Plan:

You’ve heard the expression, “practice makes perfect.” Well, in the marketing realm, “planning makes perfect.” There are so many new marketing trends, social media strategies, apps and new fangled tactics pushed our way every single day. A lot of businesses chose to “wing it.” They fly off into the sunset with a week’s worth of Instagram reels, crossing their fingers and hoping they’ll reach marketing heaven inhabited affectionately by 15 new customers. But, this “wing it” strategy just isn’t reliable.

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Revisit Your Mission:

As you’ve begun developing your marketing plan, you may have noticed some questions arising... Why do I get out of bed every day? Is it just to make coffee and a profit? Am I in this work for something more? Am I inspiring anybody? Is this just about checking off tasks? What makes my company unique compared to our competitors? If you haven’t experienced these popcorn questions yet, consider taking a step back from your marketing planning to thoroughly answer them.

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Determine Your Objective

Wherever you find a business owner or entrepreneur you will also find a dreamer, a creative, a visionary, and a BIG thinker. The problem with dreams and visions is they can only take an entrepreneur so far. After the idea has been pushed through to production, nothing will sell without a hefty dabble in some marketing. But, marketing just becomes a giant source of stress and confusion without a marketing strategy that works from BIG vision out to the corners of the vast market. From the sunny dream down to grounded practical tactics and back up again. A business needs more than an idea. A business needs a flow--a model that can help perpetuate a rhythm of focus, stability, and prosperity.

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A Marketing Budget

Let’s be honest, most of us saw our marketing budgets completely blow up in the year 2020. Organizations not only faced an enormous amount of pressure financially but also lost reliability on historical data to help predict the future. This left all of us in a disorienting position. Why? Because marketing budgets are more than cells in a spreadsheet. Marketing budgets are a mindset.

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Key Performance Indicators:

What does success look like in the various facets of our business? What is success going to look like on social media? What does success look like in terms of revenue? What does success look like for team culture? How will we measure whether or not our entire marketing plan is built for success? The answers to these questions are called Key Performance Indicators. As you collect your answers, glance over your MVVP statements and assess whether or not your ideal answers align with them. After you complete this assessment, find some tools that will help you evaluate your success.